To protect foreign and all investments in Mexico both the federal and Mexico City (GDF) governments have instituted regulations that govern operations by Private Security firms.

Secretaría de Seguridad Pública 

The Federal Secretariat of Public Safety (SSP) is led by

Ingeniero Genaro García Luna

This federal law-enforcement agency recommends that you visit their page on private firms BEFORE you even consider their services. They offer a page publicly identifying private companies that have been sanctioned for not complying with regulations. In it you will find valuable, updated references about the company you have contracted or plan on utilizing if your place of residence, work is other than Mexico City.

On the other hand, the Mexico City Government’s Metropolitan Police Department (SSPDF) has a page, for same purpose: In the left margin please find information  under the title Seguridad Privada with about 200 companies that have been evaluated by the Mexico City Government. 

Private Security Guards 

One of the points addressed in most of my articles in Security Corner is that private security firms have created a situation that could have been easily avoided a long time ago (among other reasons, the implementation of NAFTA) should their top officers and high-level executives make less money and pay better salaries to watchmen, drivers, and bodyguards. That is, with a more strict, effective supervision by the federal, state and municipal governments. Mexico’s private security industry is worth in assets more than $1,000 Million US Dollars, according to well-documented reports in the media. Please go to your nearest street corner news-stand. Ask for the El Gráfico newspaper. It costs $ 2 pesos. Others, at about $10 pesos, include Reforma, El Universal, The Herald MEXICO Edition, etc. Once you have any of these newspapers in your hands, check the Employment Section.
Is it surprising to find so many job offers in private security firms? Just study the salaries offered. Would you be able to afford your children’s school, house rent, transportation costs, and then support your family, provide for meals, clothing, and other expenses with salaries that average $ 300 USD a month? Keep in mind, most positions in the world of security seriously impose a risk to the employee’s personal integrity. They are there to defend your interests and company. In some cases; believe it or not; they offer food coupons in lieu of salary and part of their “attractive” bonuses include the free issue of uniforms, barber shop services, and a cafeteria.  

The Industrial & Banking Police Department (PBI)

The PBI began operations in September 1940 with 21 officers. On December 4, 1941 they officially became The Banking Police. Its founder was Col. Arturo Godínez Reyes, a visionary who spent most of his life creating what is now known as the PBI. It is not a corporation, rather it is a branch of the Mexico City Police Department that is officially authorized to carry firearms. Weapon Permits is the name of an article written by the author of Security Corner with the valuable assistance of Mexico’s National Defense Secretariat (SDN) to cover this important, delicate topic. Further, PBI officers have arresting powers, they have a 24 hours radio call system –that is, the Mexico City PD’s - especially designed to protect your business behind walls or in the street. More importantly, while this is not a perfect organization and its directives are always looking for ways to improve it, given their limitations, they make sure every candidate is properly investigated, before being hired. By Presidential Decree this agency is recognized as an integral part of the Mexico City Police Department. Based on the articles 13 and 14 this organization falls under the command of the Mexico City Chief of Police. Additional legal grounds for its operation are contained in the 6th and 7th Mexico City Government articles 5th section II, under the chapter of “Supplementary Police”. REFERENCE 


The Supplementary Police is formed by the Mexico City’s Industrial and Banking Police. Its roles include keeping public order, protecting citizens, crime prevention, and intervention in civilian disorder. It assists in the investigation and punishment of crime, and assists all citizens in the case of natural disasters and other contingencies. However, its most relevant role is to provide security services, surveillance and specialized protection to a great diversity of private organizations within Mexico City and its immediate boundaries. These include: Service Industries, Banks, Industries, Businesses, and Government installations. They also engage in services as security guards and provide personal protection, custody of valuables, prime materials and products, etc.

Uniform & Insignia 

The photo above is of Commander Juan Jaime Alvarado Sánchez, who to date holds the position of Director General. He has served PBI during the last 34 years. He is supervised by Police Chief Ingeniero Joel Ortega Cuevas.  


  • Number of Installations Protected: 2,661
  • Total number of officers: 18,019
Clients: Industries, Businesses, Diplomatic Missions, Hospitals. Schools, Banking and Financing Organizations, Airlines, Governmental Installations, and Residences.  

Should your organization consider the services of PBI, these are two useful contacts:

  • Operations, Tel: 5567-4995 or 3837, also 5567-4995 

On December 5, 2006 Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard Casaubónbegan a new administration. Due to the scandal generated by the Disco Divine Tragedy effective July 16, 2008 his new choices to lead his justice, law enforcement forces were:


<B>Perfil:</B> Miguel Ángel Mancera

Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancera, nuevo titular de la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Distrito Federal (Foto: Archivo EL UNIVERSAL )




Dr. Manuel Mondragón y Kalb, Chief, Metropolitan Police Department

Our best wishes to all in very complicated times when their respective bosses have shown determination to fight crime in Mexico.   

Dr. Mondragón supervises the Mexico City Banking Police. Ing. Joel Ortega Cuevas, former Mexico City Police Chief, in 2006 with the support by then Mexico City Mayor hosted an international forum to discuss ways to enhance understanding, communication between police and the community.

 Relevant academics, government officials, university students, teachers, several embassies, international organizations, security experts and members of the media participated on March 27-29, 2007 in this FIRST EVER intensive 3-day seminar. A new forum entitled Small Scale Drug Pushing or Foro Internacional "Narcomenudeo" was held June 12-14 of same year and the success of both was remarkable. End of article. 

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