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Dear Friends,

You are invited to a conference with Tec de Monterrey Scholar and former Secretario de Gobernación de Mexico, 2011-2012:


"Retos y Oportunidades de la Democracia en México: Una Perspectiva de Gobernabilidad"
Moderator: Mtra. 
Sol Sanchez, an expert in Gender and Human Rights

Tuesday, September 28th, 7 p.m.
 Zoom i.d. 430 146 6988

Save the date for other events:

  • Our First Face to Face- Texas- Exes-- Texas - O.U. BBQ on October 8th- at Pinche Gringo!
  • Conference with  Texas Exes World Leaders on the Critical Subject:

With Outstanding Texas Exes Speakers! And Its development in Mexico 
Club de Industriales-- October 26th, 7 p.m.
See You Soon-- with our Thrilling Speaker sharing on Democratic Challenges in Mexico...
ico City-- Truly Terrific!

Huge Hook ´em Horns Hugs!

Gwen Rianhard


 Dearest Texas Exes & Friends:

What a Truly Terrific Texas Exes Thrill!! ---- 

With Guest Speaker Dr. Alejandro Poiré 

Scholar from the Tec de Monterrey & Secretario de Gobernación de Mexico, 2011-2012 

Retos y Oportunidades de la Democracia en México: Una Perspectiva de Gobernabilidad

-- with Moderator Mtra. Sol Sanchez, an expert in Gender and Human Rights

7 p.m.   Zoom i.d. 430 146 6988 

Do Remember to Save the date for our First In Face to Face- Texas- Exes-- Texas - O.U. BBQ on October 8th- coming So Soon! 

Remember too, a most exciting opportunity to hear Texas Exes World Leaders on the Critical Subject of ---


--- With Outstanding Texas Exes Speakers! And Its development in Mexico---- exceptional Speakers, will let You know soon!  October 26th, 7 p.m. 

See You Next Tuesday, September 28th at 7 p.m.-- with our Thrilling Speaker sharing on Democratic Challenges in Mexico... 

Texas Exes Mexico City-- Truly Terrific! 



Texas Exes & Friends--
Football Started and We Won!With a Terrific offense, We Beat the Ragin´ Cajuns 58-18----  this makes it 3-0 -- in program history!!
All This, at Our Beautiful Darrel K Royal Memorial Stadium! Football Fans, don´t miss This Saturday --9/11-- at Arkansas! 
On That exciting Note, - Save the date for our reunion for Our Upcoming Texas Exes -TexasO.U. BBQ on October 8th!
Remember too, a most exciting opportunity to hear Texas Exes World Leaders on the Critical Subject of Renewable Energy, And It´s development in Mexico----October 26th, 7 p.m... Details soon to be Revealed!
Be in preparation as well--  with Mexico and it´s enriching Art History, Texas Exes Mexico City is preparing to present a valuable contribution for Our Universities Frida Kahlo Opera-- The Last Dream! 
I haveexciting news to share next week too-- do save Tuesday, September 28th at 7 p.m.-- with a Thrilling Speaker sharing onDemocratic Challenges in Mexico...
Texas Exes Mexico City-- Changing the World!

WhatsApp Image 2021 09 09 at 20.01.19

Dearest Texas Exes & Friends--

Because I have just returned from Delaware, and with "muchos pendientes"-- I shall be brief, But it is always a joy and honor to share some exciting Texas Exes News with Each of You!!!

Along with the Delight of the Fully Lit Tower to Celebrate the Commencement of Back to School last week, And Football Season taking off This Saturday at 3:30 p.m.--- & Don´t forget Our Upcoming Texas Exes - O.U. BBQ on October 8th!

The Texas Exes Mexico City is preparing for a most spectacular event-- focused on the critical theme of Energy-- with Texas Exes Leaders in The United Nations, as well as  Leaders and Deputies throughout Mexico!!! I´ll keep the details a secret for now, but --

Save The Date-- October 26th, 7 p.m., at a most outstanding location! 

For extra news, I share with You the honor of having watched President Biden at the  most dignified transfer of our outstanding soldiers lost in the most recent attack at the airport in Kabul at the Dover Air Force Base where I was near in Rehoboth Beach.

It is also an honor to share the excitement of the Art League in Rehoboth which has been promoting outstanding artists since the 1930¨s-- 

-- With their recent yearly Art Exhibit which I greatly enjoyed-- Just as we Prepare for Our Leadership in Participating and Promoting Our Universities Frida Kahlo Opera-- The Last Dream! 

Keeping on Hook ´em Horns-- With Huge Hugs!



After a most impressive presentation by Senator Claudia Ruiz Massieu about all the Challenges and Opportunities for U.S. - Mexico Bi-lateral Relations--  focusing on the great benefits for all stake holders---  

As well as the excitement as we look forward to  our upcoming Texas/ O.U.  Game & BBQ-- 

It is a special joy to send You All greetings from Rehoboth Beach Delaware! This was the first state and has a rich history, beautiful New England homes, lovely beaches, terrific restaurants especially with crab and lobster, a very fun board- walk---  

 And a weekend home for President Jo Biden! 

Texas Exes Mexico City-- Always Changing The World!! 

Hook ´em Horn Hugs-- 

Gwen Rianhard


With Football Season Off to a Thrilling Start.. as Byron Murphy II Provides Increased Depth for Coach Bo Davis--- presenting his PIT BULL STRENGTH--

And Our UBS Alum Carlos Rivera inviting us to "El Rumbo de Mexico Despues de las elecciones: Panorama económico y concecuencias de las elecciones intermedias en Mexico" -- on August 24th at 8 a.m.---

Texas Exes Mexico City-- Bringing New & Exciting News Always--- & All this Just As--- 

Our President Mark Alexander Celebrated His Birthday Just Yesterday 

Huge Hook ´em Horns Hugs to All--

​Gwen Rianhard




What a Special Thanks to All Texas Exes And Friends--   

Thank You for Such  a Special Time as This--  

Please enjoy the following two videos, outlining So Much we have been doing together to sponsor education and culture in Mexico, And to bring These Two Together for it´s maximization!  

Please Join Us to continue to enhance This Project-- with a Special Focus Now on Our Universities Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera´s soon coming Opera--  

                                     "The Last Dream"  




August 24 7:00 PM
Senator Claudia Ruiz Massieu
"US-Mexico Bilateral Relationship: Challenges and Opportunities"
Zoom Conference
With so Much exciting Texas Exes news, Especially our Frida Kahlo Petition- Don't miss August 24!
Huge Hugs to All!
Gwen Rianhard
With Exciting Olympic News  with Cat Osterman WINNING  the silver medal in softball;
 Nobel prize Laureate John Goodenough CELEBRATING his 99 birthday;
& Dr. Dalziel´s Top Geology AWARD---
---  Having Just Greatly Enjoyed hearing Maria de Lourdes Dieck Assad last Wednesday July 21st offer us great inspiration for her service as a Texas Exes as Ambassador to the United Nations-- and sharing so many inspirations, including her taking to Europe tequila, chocolate, And Frida Kahlo---
What an inspiration as We continue preparing for contributing to Our Universities Frida Kahlo upcoming Opera with the presentation of 2 exclusive Frida Kahlo paintings!

Opera Co-Commissioned by UT Austin’s College of Fine Arts, the Fort Worth Opera, the San Diego Opera, & DePauw University--

To Bring the Prolific Story of Artists Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera to Life-- 

The Last Dream--

A Spanish-language opera!
Texas Exes Mexico City-- As Always-- ´part of Changing The World!
Mark Alexander is off to a Thrilling Start!
Huge Hook ´em Horns Hugs to All--
​Gwen Rianhard

Dearest Texas Exes, &  Friends:  

The University of Texas Alumni Association´s participation in an upcoming 


Frida Kahlo Exhibit of Two exclusive paintings is almost here!  

The Association of Alumni Associations which participates independently but with American Society just recently rejoiced at a Dalí art exhibit; and now, the Texas Exes is organizing a most exquisite delight with two outstanding unknown paintings from a dear friend.  

Along with being a most valuable contribution to Mexico through a leading position in The Centro Nacional de Derechos Humanos,  she also just happens to be the daughter of Frida Kahlo´s xoloitzcuintles vet!  

Along with a dear friend who has been working with me on this project, and just happens to be one of the head Opera Directors and Singers in Mexico-- is also eagerly awaiting for an opportunity to participate in this wonderful experience. 

The previous Vice President of The University of Texas in Austin, Mauri McGuinness, had been to Mexico and met with many University of Texas Alumni, and she introduced us to Our University´s project of a Frida Kahlo Opera which they have been preparing.  And The Previous President Gregory Fenves, was also part of this project!  

This has all been a little set behind, due to Covid, But, the project is getting back on it´s feet with great inspiration! 



Dear Readers:
Last Wednesday and yesterday (Thursday) -  Security Corner in Mexico's presence, due to technical reasons via internet, got disconnected
In other words, we "vanished" -disappeared- from the electronic air.  
Our server, Joomla, originally, used to be  located in Tokyo, Japan. Today same company is operated from Canada. 
Looong story, short... We sincerely apologize to Lic. Gwen Rianhard and Texas Exes for this problem, not under our control. 
Following information should have been included in today's bulletin because it is really important for the international community:
With a Spectacular Virtual Chapter Kick Off just this Wednesday  July 14th at 6 p.m.-- 
Our Blanton Museum of Art  Being The first major museum with dedicated outdoor space for Sound Art---
OurLBJ School of Public Affairs  welcoming JR DeShazo as Our New Dean- 
& Mathew McConaughey having Just Celebrated His Birthday---
All This And So Much More--- Texas Exes Mexico City--
See You atMaria de Lourdes Dieck Assad´s  with Texas GlobalZoom Conference on July 21, 2021 -7- 9 p.m.!!
ZOOM ID  430 146 6988
She has been Ambassador to the European Union, Dean Emeritus EGADE Buisness School, And is a UT Alum with her PHD
earned in 1983!
Hasta Pronto!
Texas Exes Mexico City-- keeping up on the Big News-- Changing The World!!
Gwen Rianhard
WhatsApp Image 2021 07 15 at 17.01.26

Dear all friends,  

Attached please find the agenda for this week’s meeting and the dial-in instructions.  

Please see the agenda with the formal dress code and the “brindis”.  


Kind regards,  





Join Zoom Meeting  


Meeting ID: 907 896 274  

Passcode: 141916  

The Senior Vice President of Christie’s and seasoned auctioneer Lydia Fenet, with her “razor-sharp humor and her don’t-mess-with-me gavel strike”, shares the secrets of success and the strategies behind her revolutionary sales approach to show you how to embrace and channel your own power in any room.  





After a Spectacular visit to the Dali exhibit with the Association of Alumni Associations, And a Thrilling send off of Our Scholarship winner Jacques Pelletier, And a Terrific upcoming Reunion with María de Lourdes Dieck Assad- past Ambassador of Mexico to the European Union, Dean Emeritus EGADE Buisness School in the Tec. de Monterrey, And U.T. Alumni with her PHD in Economics in 1983---
Write it down in Your Calendar, And Be Sure & Keep Up with the Texas Exes Mexico City News-- Exciting News on Our Preparations for a Frida Kahlo exclusive exhibit coming soon Too!
Huge Hugs to All!
Gwen Rianhard
Dearest Texas Exes, Association of Alumni Associations, Family & Friends--
What a Moment of Celebration This Is!! 
Our dear friend Carlos Rivera, President of the IMD Alumni Association in Mexico (The International Management Development Institute,  in Switzerland), and an active member of our Association of Alums, brings us This Enlightening Opportunity to Unite & View this Exclusive Dali Exhibit! He has gotten us a discount entrance price, individual guides, discounts for souvenirs as well as for consumption!
This is Such a moment for us to Delight in this Opportunity, And Change The World-- Together!
Special Thanks to IMD, Harvard, ANHW (Alumni Network of Harvard Women), London School of Economics, University of Cambridge, Columbia University, And Our Texas Exes-- And You!
This is in the lower basement of the new section of the Centro Comercial Santa Fe, near the scating rink!
Dearest Texas Exes-- This is to be continued with 
--Our Upcoming Frida Kahlo Project!!
See You Sooo Soon!
Huge Hook ´em Hugs!
Dearest Texas Exes & Friends-- 
With Great Thanks to All who joined us For Such an Enlightening Presentation by Carmen Ojesto Martinez -- What a Terrific Commencement for Mark Alexander. 
As a graduate in 1998, an outstanding lawyer, a recent senator, as well as a recipient of a Doctor Honoris Causa Award- her active promotion of gender causes allowed for a most enlightening reunion--- at such a time as This!
Having Arturo Parra present her and so much more which Mark plans to pursue during his presidency, made Tuesday night´s reunion exceedingly rewarding!
Hearing Javier Delgado´s proposals and initiatives made it all the more invigorating!
It was an honor for me to remind everyone of our upcoming community activities with the Association of Alumni Associations and a golf tournament  project which is in the works to raise funds for education; of the honor of our continued and growing relationship with ANCIC (la Asociación Nacional Contra Infarto Cerebral) which began through our University´s Hospital in Houston, And the exciting Frida Kahlo Art Exhibit which is in the works!
Please Be Sure and Join Us for Continued Education Projects to Lift Mexico and Keep Changing The World-- Mark Truly outdid himself, and we are up for exciting times! 
Huge Hook ´em Hugs--

Dearest Texas Exes & Friends--


With Such a Critical theme being addressed at Mark Alexander´s 

First Texas Exes Mexico City Zoom Reunion This Coming Tuesday at 7 p.m., together with So Much More--- 

Mid- month  lunch time lectures for lifelong learners, the announcement of McCombs Newly Appointed Dean-- and much more.. At Our University--


But Especially with The Thrill of Welcoming Mark for His Exhilerating time full of  Enlightenment--by such a Texas Exes speaker as Carmen Ojesto Martinez --

Outlook hhtxn4dk


Texas Exes and Friends--- See Y´All So Soon!

Gwen Rianhard

Below contribution by Lic. Ruth Gwen Rianhard represents an extraordinary effort on her part in support of Security Corner in Mexico. During the next two and a half weeks she is visiting family & friends in California. Yet she makes room for our readers to enjoy her input:
Dearest Texas Exes & Friends----
An Exciting commencement  Celebration addressing a focus on Diversity, Engagement, And Being Bold for the class of 2021 by Robert Iger, Executive Chairman & on the board of Walt Disney  Co.; Discovering Great Podcasts in The Texas Network;  a Thrilling potential new energy source, & advancement in Botanical Research in Power Plants by the  donation of  Profesor Emeritus Billie Lee Turner´s estate-- 
                    All  This is just some of The Exciting News happening at Our Univerfsity!
Please be attentive to hear of Texas Exes Mexico City News of our Upcoming Project with a presentation of two spectacular Frida Kahlo paintings to broaden our Mexico City Contribution to Our University, and to Mexico-- Especially-- to Education! 
Most Importantly--  be sure to set the date in Your agenda-- to attend our upcoming Zoom Conference with New President Mark Alexander--
                Carmen Ojesto Martinez, Senator of Mexico 2018- 2019; U.T. Austin Class of 1998!
                       Tuesday June 15, 2021 
                                    7:00- 9:00 p.m. 
                               ZOOM ID: 812 1864 5597
                                Password: Longhorns
Texas Exes Mexico City Chapter-- Changing The World!
Hasta Pronto!
Keepin´on Hook ´em Horns--
Dearest Texas Exes & Friends:
See You at The Following Inauguration of Mark Alexander's Presidency! It Will be Outstanding!
And with such  a Theme as  This- at This Time!
Hasta Pronto!
Huge Hugs!
Gwen Rianhard
Outlook elr2sv0y1
Gracias a todos por una gran reunión
En la que revisamos muchos de los acontecimientos realizados a lo largo de estos años, 
Project Worldwide, reuniones donde contamos con la presencia de grandes expositores, 
BBQ, Brindis de fin de año, eventos 
con la compañía del Presidente y Vicepresidente Texas Exes y mucho más.
Outlook s1whdp3c2
 Finalizando con el anuncio de un gran proyecto de exhibición 
Frida Kahlo.
Outlook yjjwyxnl3
Thanks To Each of You
 For This Time of Most Honorable Service! 
 Huge Hook ´em Horn Hugs-- 
Gwen Rianhard
Dearest Texas Exes & Friends--
Please do Join me for a Terrific Texas Exes Time-- With challenging accomplishments  during this last year, from gains and losses in our Universities leaders as well as with our own dear fellow leaders in Mexico, from strengths and weaknesses during the pandemia, And so much more! A Thrilling Review of my first two years, and a wonderful year with President Claudio Jimenez will also be remembered. So Much has Happened!
But, what´s most exciting, is What´s Coming! 
Please Accompany me to welcome Our Dearest New President Mark Alexander
 This coming Tuesday, May 11th, 7pm! 
Meeting ID: 858 4573 2035
Passcode: 694719
Mark is an MBAgraduate from OurUniversity of Texasand received a BBA in International Business from the same! Mark has worked for different organizations, and has primarily focused on... Selling French Fries!  I´ll catch You up on more soon, but, it is with special appreciation that we can all remember the Years Mark has been in charge of Our Texas Exes Barbeque´s-- the most exciting one being our last one in October!
Mark just had his first pre- inauguration with our recent
Virtual Networking Reunion, 
and he is greatly looking forward to All Our Working Together, and 
Sharing His Expertise on Leadership!
  Be Sure and Join us to Welcome New President Mark Alexander 
 & Enjoy "Recuerdos" of  Texas Exes Terrific Talent Throughout These Times!
                                     Huge Hook ´em Horn Hugs-- 
Full of Delight And Thanks To Each of You--
 For This Time of Most Honorable Service! 

Gwen Rianhard
Texas Exes and Friends- This Is The Joy- of a Second Project Worldwide! 

We have the above gifts for El Refugio--

Through the Generosity of  Graciela Olivera &  Students from CIW-

Universidad Incarnate Word-- Thanks to Our Carlos Diaz! 




         THIS SATURDAY MAY 1st, 12 Noon, at EL REFUGIO!


The Delivery project is the same as it was on February 27th!  

Please bring Toys & Books for Dia del Niño
juguetes libros estantes 1308 35571
(but dispensa, cleaning supplies & All -are always a blessing!
 --- Again, Deliver at- Fuente de Guanajuato # 3, 
Any Time Today or Tomorrow, 

 Lomas de Tecamachalco, Naucalpan de Juarez, 53950;

Cel. 55-3977-1795
--  Do Please Call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.----
to drop off at my home or organize a pick up near Yours, or to Join me! 
-outside the ABC of Observatorio  at 11 a.m. This Saturday, or at El Refugio at 12! 
It´s Also my Last Project Worldwide as outgoing President of The Texas Exes-  
                          & Mark Alexander´s First as Incoming President-- 
                              So Be Sure and Join Us-- For The Joy-- OF GIVING!!
  Thank You Each So Greatly- Trillions of Texas Exes Love to All-
Gwen Rianhard
Dearest Texas Exes and Friends-- 
What  a Most Lovely Time together- sharing Texas Exes "Recuerdos" of Our Special Moments with Carlos Montemayor; Catching up on Sports News and more with Carlos Diaz; Hearing Mark´s Treasurer´s report as well as his words of wisdom as he looks forward to his upcoming Texas Exes Mexico City Presidency; my gratitude for delightful years of commitment and joy; And Then hearing upliting inspirational words about Sandra Orellana´s books-- we were all So Thankful -- 
                           For Such a Time as This-- and we were left with a commitment to continue Carlos´s Cause!
It was soon after of Great Joy to deliver these beautiful Orchids from Texas Exes Luis Carlos Rodriguez and All of You, to Carlos Montemayor´s beautiful daughters Michelle and Mariana-- we were truly left with tears, but of joy and purpose, to continue His Way!
 It was also a most memorable to announce Another exciting Project Worldwide for El Refugio---- 
                       Get Ready to JOIN US FOR THE FOLLOWING--
              For Dia Del Niñowith Graciela Olivera from Incarnate Word University-- 
                               where Our Dearest Carlos Diaz Enlightens his Students!





SATURDAY  MAY  1st at 12pm 



Please Gather Now--

(call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. --- but more info coming soon!)
The First One Was Great-- 
Please Join Us for the 2nd
It is an honor to remind You at Security Corner, of The True upcoming Joy---  
Of Our College of Fine Arts presenting next Fall an Outstanding Opera Event--- 
"The Last Dream of Frida & Diego"---
 With This Thrilling News, Along with informing You of an upcoming project to present some exquisite Frida Kahlo paintings to Our University---   I will leave You All with my one of my last signatures as President of The Texas Exes Mexico City Chapter! 
As I welcome our New President Mark Alexander,  I will continue Keeping You All informed of Our News, continue as Director of  Project Worldwide, and Much More! 
Huge Hook ´em Horn Hugs to You All-- with much Texas Exes Love!
Gwen Rianhard
We have the PRIVILEGE of acknowledging receipt of the following message by Lic. Gwen Rianhard, who TWICE has served as President, Texas Exes, until April 14, 2021. Her new project is now
Outlook klxufve2
Día del Niño: this prestigious organization during the pandemia picks up homeless children aged 2-6 and protects them, looks after them in their home, El Refugio. 



Dearest Texas Exes & Friends--

After Most Joyful Greetings and a Celebration of Carlos Montemayor Solis´s most exemplary life-- with over 50 Great Friends, Family, & Texas Exes Alums---- there were many tears!  Though undoubtedly there were sad tears for the loss of our dear loved one, most were happy "recuerdos" from best Texas Exes Friends, & his Beautiful Family!   

In conclusion, we were all left with a heart-filled engagement to continue His Cause Forever Together!  

We greatly enjoyed Carlos Diaz, who caught us up on exciting sports news, and then enjoyed Mark Alexander´s Treasurer´s Report, along with some grateful words for his upcoming Presidency.  


Along with Gwen Rianhard Giving Great Thanks for her years of service as President, she invited everyone to participate in another exciting Project Worldwide for El Refugio on Día Del Niño with Graciela Olivera from Incarnate Word University

We Then listened to Our Dear Friend and Texas Exes Associate-- Sandra Orellana! We loved hearing her life story, which has led to her writing which focuses on Biblical promises full of excitement!   

With this Most Emotional Sharing---- we gave Such Great Thanks for Such a Time as This!   

As such, it is with Great Excitement that I inform our dear readers from Security Corner in Mexico, of Our Universities Exciting Upcoming Frida Kahlo Opera!  

Our College of Fine Arts has been preparing to present the prolific story of the life of 

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera--

"The Last Dream of Frida & Diego"---



With This Thrilling News, Along with informing You of an upcoming presentation of some exquisite 


Frida Kahlo paintings---  I leave You All with my last signature as President of The Texas Exes Mexico City Chapter! I will however, continue to keep You All informed of Our Delightful News! 

Thank You Greatly for This Opportunity!!!

Gwen Rianhard  



Dearest Texas Exes and Friends-- 
What an honor it will be to share the life experience of one of our Best Texas Exes, by hearing each of Your testimonies, reviewing His Life Experience, And listening to one of his great admirers and one of Our Dear Friends and Assitants-- Sandra Orellana. 
It Truly will be an honor to have Each of You present, along with some of his dear family members, and other good friends-- As it is with Inmense Gratitude that we will give Thanks at such a time as This-- To:
-- Mr. Carlos Montemayor Solis --
It has been a joy to remind you all of his unwavering service in the Texas Exes Mexico City Chapter, along with serving on Our Universities Board, enjoying the privilege of his good friendship along with many of You-- Along with his relentless service at PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS; An Exemplary Family with a most loving dedication to his lovely daughters, and So Much More.
As Such, it is an honor to let You Each know that the Texas Exes Mexico City Chapter has made A donation to Our University in His Honor:
We do Remember Him with Joy as we Recall the following Verses--
Isaiah 25:8-- "He willswallow up death forever, And the LordGodwillwipe away tears from all faces;".
Philippians 1:21-- "For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain-".
John 11:25-26-- “..I amthe resurrection and the life.He who believes in Me, though he maydie, he shall live.And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die..”.
With all this in our hearts....
April 13; 7:00 PM
-- Among The  greatest of honors, we are hoping to be accompanied by some of his lovely family members, and particularly, his daughters, whom I have had the blessing of meeting. --
With All This in Our Hearts-- 
Be Sure and Join us This Coming Tuesday April 13th to hear --
                                             Sandra Orellana-- 
Our Dear Friend, and Faithful Server of The Texas Exes in Project Worldwide, and so much more!
     842 5838 9750
   passcode 19345
Sandra is an american living in San Miguel Allende Mexico who inspires  you through sharing her faith experiences through her inspirations in God's word. Having been to a great number of our reunions, she was an admirer and friend of Carlos as well.  
Among Her inspirational quotes in her writings, is one for daily meditation --  Jonh 14:27 --
                                                                         Peace I leave with you, my peace I give.
She has written several books, and through these, reaches out to help several community mission projects, and share The Word of Our Lord.  

Sandra is a retired teacher living in San Miguel Allende. Author of The Arch Of Surprises, Liz Key of Life , Children´s book Leo's Bliss: The Sky.

 She is also the Featured author of the month with Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group.
One on One : Is a Personal a devotional book which will soon be available.  
In addition to her writing talent, she loves tennis , cooking , people, reaching out to the most in need and  playing chess online  for fun.
Be Sure and Join Us At Such a Time As This-- 
                              Remembering Carlos Montemayor Solis--
Texas Exes, Mexico City And Friends-
For This Changing The World Experience--   
Huge Hook ´em Horns Hugs-- Filled with The Love of Serving- You!
Dearest Texas Exes and Friends-- 
It is with great sorrow but much gratitude and thanks that we shall remember --
Mr. Carlos Montemayor Solis
As a faithful Texas Exes who had served on Our Universities Board as well; a good friend of mine, as to many,  a very loving and dedicated father, as well as committed to PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS to which he was a most faithful server as well; he will truly be very missed my many. 
Carlos joined me at many of our Texas Exes Reunions, including our Project Worldwide, along with other special reunions we had, including representing our University at The World Golf Championship, with his daughter Mariana; attending several events at the American Benevolent Society events; and more. 
We will miss him greatly, and Carlos will be remembered with much Love and Gratitude; and I especially, shall serve in my glad memories of his beautiful and faithful person.
A donation has been made to Our University in His memory, to which any of you may put your contribution.
Isaiah 25:8 He willswallow up death forever, And the LordGodwillwipe away tears from all faces; The rebuke of His people He will take away from all the earth; For theLordhas spoken.
Philippians 1:21-- "For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain"-
John 11:25-26- “..I amthe resurrection and the life.He who believes in Me, though he maydie, he shall live.And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die..”
May You all find peace in Him, at this time, as Carlos rests with Our Lord.
thumbnail 2
It was a great honor to accompany and thank his beautiful daughters and sisters and family at the service in "La Capilla de Nuestra Señora del Socorro" on Tuesday.  They were appreciative for Each of Your thoughts and condolensces, and loved the beautiful girasoles and orange roses. We will be remembering him at a Texas Exes reunion soon.  
It is With All my Gratitude and Love -- to Serve at Such a Time as This, and To Such a Person as Carlos--
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It was Indeed a Most Historical Moment for all Texas Exes-- 

Having had The Honor of hearing--


-- Sharing his  Knowledge from his PhD in Marketing and Publicity

 from The University of Texas in Austin; 

--As well as his Post Doctorate studies at The University of Texas Health & Science Center in Houston,


-- We will be sending You -- Dr. Mercado´s 10 Step Suggestions for Success-

 next week!

-- Despite COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)--


eleconomista tag coronavirus 


---Strategies During and Post? --- Estrategias Durante y Post?


 It Is Perfect Timing For Such a Subject as This! 

-- It was perfect timing as well to review and give Thanks for Project Worldwide--




Mejores Juguetes 


--We Will be having a Second Visit for Dia del Niño with Graciela Olivera from Universidad Incarnate Word! 

+--- In Addition-- We Received--Great Sports  News from Carlos Diaz--

-- In BASKETBALL - the Men’s team (19-7) wins Phillips 66 Big 12 Championship, 13/16. 


1 Yc6e2yn2IWEklEKx9Cyscg


--This Is #3 seed in the NCAAA Tournament, back for the first time since the 2017-18 season!

-- The Women’s team was bested by Baylor in semifinals  is now 19-9! 

-The Baseball team is 11-5, ranked #19 -----

-Sweeps 3-games series vs #12 North Carolina! 

+-- We received positive news about ANCIC-- from Sandra Ochoa,  & More!

Texas Exes, Mexico City-- Truly Changing The World..  

Working on Making The Difference!

Huge Hook ´em Horns Hugs!

Gwen Rianhard





covid 900


What a Most Historical Moment it is to Welcome Texas Exes--    




With his BBA from La Salle, to then continue to get his MBA focusing on marketing at ITESM and finishing with his PhD in Marketing and Publicity from The University of Texas in Austin;  

along with Post Doctorate studies at The University of Texas Health & Science Center at Houston, how honored we are to have Dr. Mercado Villagra share with us  

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)--  

Strategies During and Post? --- Estrategias Durante y Post?  
This is a Most Valuable Moment to learn This Marketing Strategy!

THIS TUESDAY MARCH 16th, at 7 p.m.   


ZOOM ID: 897 1879 9873   

Passcode: 416834  


With  invitations from  several Universities including Liverpool, and his participation in advanced programs at Universities in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras, just to name a few; & having had the privilege of meeting Dr. Salvador Mercado Villagrá recently at an enlightening ABS reunion, along with Carlos Diaz, and Mark Alexander --  

What Perfect Timing For Such a Subject as This!


And speaking of perfect timing-- Especially, After Such a Treat with Many of Your Gifts --  

For These Darling and So Needy Children- with a second visit coming --  



Texas Exes, Mexico City-- Truly Changing The World.. Working on Making The Difference!  


Huge Hook ´em Horns Hugs!  


Gwen Rianhard  



Dearest Texas Exes & Friends--
What a Most Special Texas Exes Project Worldwide was Celebrated This Year!
Please take a Good Look at all Those Dear Children who will be enjoying Your Gifts!
Between Bags Full of Dispenas, Clothes, Cleaning Supplies, Toys,
Our Texas Exes Orange Pumpkin Cake, And Your Deposits which help pay expenses--
This Years Project Worldwide was More Special than ever-- Thank You Enormously --
You Are The Most TerrificTexas Exes.. And Friends In The World!
A Special Thanks goes to Mario Gonzalez Roman who helped me pick up, deliver, & Share The Moment;
And A Hug To Roberto Barrios-- Who most Gratefully Received Us;
As Well as Special Friends from the American Benevolent Society, ANCIC, the Frank Devlyn Rotary Club,
Graciela Olivera and the Incarnate Word University, Capital City Baptist Church, And More--
But Especially to Each of You Texas Exes!!!
Outlook d1dggwoc
Outlook 25u5on1p
Huge Hook ´em Horn Hugs of Gratitude to All-- From These Very Happy Kids-- & me!!
Gwen Rianhard
Outlook usyd5dcf
WhatsApp Image 2021 02 26 at 22.34.59



Due to thepandemia, we will not visit, but any of You can join me to deliver!


*Non-perishable food, rice, beans, canned food, knorr, cooking oil,

cleaning supplies, detergents, soap, shampoo, tooth paste, etc.;

brooms, clothes (30 children from 1 year old to 18), towels--

D NQ NP 747246 MLM42349607387 062020 O


They need everything!


You may join me at 11 a.m. just outside the ABC hospital of Observatorio, or at the Refugio!


They are in Great Need Now-- What a Time to give--

(contact me at 55-3977-1795 orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

to drop off at my home or organize a pick up near Yours!)


-- Last Year was Beautiful, This Year is Critical!

donar cosas 1 kVVG U100182820947xUF 1248x770Diario Sur



This Time It´s a Must!

Texas Exes Giving-- More Beautiful Than Ever!


Dearest Texas Exes & Friends

What Happens Here Changes The World!

Any of You who wish to have a voice in Texas Exes Mexico City, please contact me-- Mark Alexander is working on the above--

Changing The World!

If You´re a Texas Exes You can join our Linkedin at the following---




And for an opportunity for Spectacular Community Service in a Most Needed Area, Please Join Coronel Eric Rojo in this, his present Project:




Mentoring Policial es un programa de acompañamiento de la sociedad civil a los egresados de la Universidad de la Policía, durante su primer año de vida profesional, donde los policías que se integran a la operación de la Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana de la Ciudad de México, reciben acompañamiento ciudadano, apoyo e interlocución en temas selectos de interés para todos.

Proyecto Mentoring Policial





Impulsar a los cadetes a convertirse en líderes de servicio.

Formar cadetes protagonistas de cambio.

Demostrar con hechos el amor a México.

La labor como Mentor es de un año, es altruista y voluntaria.

Para mayores informes:

Dirección de Desarrollo Educativo

Tel. 55 5490 2909 y 55 5490 2947

Correo: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Responder la siguiente solicitud de Mentoría:





Please Save despensa, clothes and books to give to these needy Young Ones! More News Next Week!!

Huge Hook ´em Hugs!




Texas Exes Mexico City, & Friends-   


Our Review of  Dave Kerpen´s Invaluable Tips on -  

Social Media & Marketing --  

will be shared next week!  

But Know It was Terrific!  

He shared The Primary principles needed to Reach our Clients and   Potiential Clients-- 

Listening, Contacting, Targeting, Kindness, and more---  

Don´t focus so much on making your first million or billion--  

Reach the Billions of Potential Customers, or Assistants--   

To get the Best One Thousand!  

 Dave is a New York Times Best Selling Author, a Serial Entrepreneur and a Global Keynote Speaker!  
We did Just HEAR THE BEST --  What an Honor!  

– He is Founder and Chairman of Likeable Local,  

Social media software company serving thousands of small businesses..

– You heard it already- He is also Co-founder and Chairman of Likeable Media, an award-winning social media and content marketing agency for big brands.

– In addition, author of the two best sellers listed above-  We were Enlightened! 


 -- & It is time Too for PROJECT WORLD WIDE-  

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27th, 12 p.m., El Refugio             


For All who wish to participate--   


Please save Tuna, Rice, "Despensa" (Pantry!), Items, Toys, Books, & Trinkets-  




We will deliver gift bags, And extra "Goodies"!  

We will not visit them due to the pandemia, But any of You can join me to deliver! 


Thank You Each-- As You Know-- This Is my Greatest Joy!  

Any who wish to Assist for these dear kids-- let me know!  

Texas Exes Mexico City-- Changing The World-- At Such a Time as This!  

 Huge Hook ´em Horns Hugs--    

Gwen Rianhard



Texas Exes Mexico City, & Friends-
Hear Dave KerpenKerpen this coming Tuesday /Feb 4th, 3:30pm
– A New York Times Best Selling Author, a Serial Entrepreneur, and a Global keynote Speaker!
– He is Founder and Chairman ofLikeable Local--- a Social media software company serving thousands of small businesses 
– You heard it already- he is also Co-founder and Chairman ofLikeable Media, an award-winning social media and content marketing agency for big brands.
Author of the two best sellers listed above- And Will Enlighten Us All!
likeable social media cover
SocialMedia & Marketing
Zoom ID: 892 3021 0997
Pass: 2021
-- & It is time Too for PROJECT WORLD WIDE -
SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27th, 12 p.m., El Refugio
I Will give You All The News at Our Tuesday Reunion!
All This and More Big News--
Texas Exes Mexico City-- Changing The World-- At Such a Time as This!
 Huge Hook ´em Horns Hugs--  
Gwen Rianhard

What a Terrific Take Off!


--Texas Exes Mexico City- Congratulating our Scholarship recipient Gil Gonzalez from Torreon- who is just starting off At the U.T. Austin installations after a virtual semester- Says Thanks!--


--A Spectacular virtual Zoom last night -- Wednesday, January 20,

"Fotoplasmería Remota en Salud-- la interaccion del medico y el paciente"--


--Our Most Honorable recent reunion of our President Jay Hartzell with Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the director of our Dell Medical Center-- 


 --Welcoming of our new head coach Sarkisian who so proudly shared his delight to be with the best Team And the best University-- 


-- Sonia Fiegenbaum - the leader of Texas Global, and the guide to our first international Zoom reunion with University of Texas graduates leading the Latin American publicity accomplishments and upcoming challenges- so kindly wished Longhorns at U.T., And around the world to continue in Exploration, Inquiry, and Opportunity--


-- Our freshman Carson Foster in the Men´s Swim team, being 4th in the Big 12 Conference--


-- Our review of Dr. Octavio Martinez´s  tips for improving our resilience during the pandemia-- 


Along with other exciting News we shared-- And Much More News Every Day--


-- As we Preparare for Project Worldwide-- at El Refugio 

-- on Saturday February 27th, 

-- Due to the present circumstances-- we will be preparing a nice bag for each of the 30 children-- more news soon!


-- More news on the close relationship between Corona Virus victims and the potential to be Stroke - thanks to our relationship with ANCIC-- 


-- New Opportunities for Texas Exes Mexico City to share in our University´s Frida Kahlo Opera Project--


1499993953 912025 1499994243 sumario normal


But The most terrific news was to announce-




--Being an outstanding Entrepreneur, a best selling author,  the founder and chairman of 

Likable Local, an outstanding social media software company---


--Get Ready to Join us on Thursday February 4th, at 3:30 p.m. for An Illuming Opportunity!-- 




Texas Exes Mexico City--  Working Together--  Changing The World!


Hook ´em Horns Hugs--  


Gwen Rianhard



What a Happiest New Year Celebration for Texas Exes & Friends!!
Just to add to the thrill of Our Time together, we are honored to hear of A most enlightening moment with the recent reunion of our President Jay Hartzell, meeting with Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the director of our Dell Medical Center-- Check The News!
We had fun Reviewing our Exciting Football challenges- including---
 a particular joy in winning the Alamo!  
Our greatest Joy, however, was to share the delightful Welcoming of our new head coach Sarkisian! He so proudly announced his delight to be with the best team at the best University-- supporting Longhorn fans in Austin, in Texas, in the U.S.A., And around the world! The orange lights were turned on this very night of our reunion!
It was also a treat to review Dr. Octavio Martinez´s advice for cultivating resilience during the pandemia! As head of our University´s Hogg Foundation for mental health, he gave us several tips on how to improve  our resilience at this time. With this, our ability to adapt to, and/ or recover from change or misfortune, without long term negative effects is greatly increased!
Expanding your social network, and taking care of Yourself, were among his primary tips- 
What an important moment to receive these! 
Pinatas CIerre
Preparing for and Reviewing last years joy of a lovely Project Worldwide-- was a greatest joy as well! Bringing Treats, Toys, a Piñata, and a good meal-- to these prescious kids!
What Terrific "Recuerdo´s"-- And What a Joy for This Years Upcoming Gift Giving at El Refugio!
Saturday February 27th, at El Refugio, 12 to 3,details to be announced soon!
We will be also be Working more with sharing information and inviting more  to know about how victims of Corona Virus increase the potential to be Stroke victims ---
through our alliance with ANCIC. 
It was a treat to recall our University´s Frida Kahlo Opera Project --
and our upcoming re-uniting with This!
But The most terrific news was to announce our upcoming Orator-- Dave Kerpen! 
As an outstanding Entrepreneur, best selling author, founder and chairman of Likable Local,
social media software company---
See You Thursday February 4th, at 3:30 p.m. for His Invigorating Presentation -
Texas Exes Mexico City-- Stay Connected-- We´re Changing The World!
Hook ´em Horns Hugs--  
Gwen Rianhard



Below information thanks to Gwen Rianhard, President, Texas Exes.
A Super Incredible Christmas Celebration--
A Review, Catching up on News, Winning in Footnball, 
& Above All -- 
Giving Thanks!
Spectacular Speakers, Making it through the Pandemia,
An Incredible Barbeque,
And Yes-- Giving Thanks!
Join us This Coming Tuesday, January 12, at 7 p.m.,
Dr. Octavio Martinez-- Building Resilience!
Zoom info coming soon!
And Much More!
Texas Exes Mexico City -- a Winning Team, Changing The World!
Happiest New Year!
fireworks new year 2021 background 52683 50824 
Gwen Rianhard



la historia del brindis 260x170


Dearest Texas Exes & Friends  


With a most Special Year, the pandemic, and many changes at our University 

We Do have Much Exciting News to Celebrate Together!!  


Superb Speakers-- Some of which will join us To Celebrate;   


A Cure for Covid from Our University Medical Students;  
A Global Engagement reunion with University Leaders and our Latin American Journalist experts;   

Exciting Longhorns  Football; Our # 1 Women´s Volleyball Team;   


A New International Alum Group with American Society-  Some will celebrate with Us Too!  
The Exciting Alliance with ANCIC-- Asociación Nacional Contra Infarto Cerebral which is here thanks to The University of Texas Health & Science Center in Houston!  


Our Spectacular October 12th almost win O.U. Football & Terrific Time at Pinche Gringo!  


&... With All This...  Huge & Exciting Programs Coming Soon!  


For We So Enjoyed THIS  Big Texas Exes Mexico City Brindis...  


When the Going Gets Tough--- We´re Tougher!  


A Most Unique & Thrilling Zoom Christmas Toasting - Will send You pictures and info next week!  

Link info- 816 0996 6810  

Passcode 200208  

Thursday December 17th, 7 p.m.  




pulgar para arriba 


Gwen Rianhard



american christmas traditions gettyimages 487756624
Dearest Texas Exes & Friends--
Let us  Celebrate Lots of Exciting News Together!!
After a Year of Superb Speakers; Two medical students discovering a cure for Covid through a Llama.
A Thrilling Texas Exes reunion with our University Leaders and our Latin American Journalist experts.
Good Wins & Challenges with our Longhorns in Football; Our Women´s Volleyball Team Being # 1;A New International Alum Group with American Society.
An Exciting Alliance with ANCIC-- Through Our University´s  the Stroke Association; Our Spectacular October 12th with an almost win O.U. Football & lots of Fun at Pinche Gringo...
And Sooo Much More!!! 
20171214 Surry Hills Christmas Lunch Web 946x553
Get Ready for Our Big Brindis...    
... Too many Win Win´s!
It´s been Tough--- But We´ve Been Tougher!


Join us for ourZoom Christmas Toasting--Link info coming Soon!




Gwen Rianhard





YESSSS-- Texas Exes & Friends--  Lots of Exciting News!!  


Our Women´s Volleyball Team is # 1!  


Bevo had a Big Anniversary!  


Two leading medical students have a cure for COVID through a llama!  


Walter Cronkite -- a Leading Texas Exes!!  


After a Tasty Thanksgiving Delight--- Get Ready for Our Big Brindis!  


With Such Exciting News-- Fabulous Speakers,   


A New International Alum Group with American Society,  


An Exciting Aliance with ANCIC-- Our University´s alliance with the Stroke Association,  And many Win Win´s...  


Don´t miss our Zoom Christmas Brindis!  


brindis navideño g


 Thursday December 17th, 7 p.m.  




Gwen Rianhard  

Dearest Texas Exes and Friends-- 
With Special Thanks to Carlos Diaz for sharing All The News--- 
about Texas Exes Javier Cervantes informing us of the exciting participation on November 17th of Our Jorge Piñon in the Puentes- Energy    -- The Futureof Energy Integration and Workforce Development in North America--- 
With the Univeristy of Texas Energy Initiative with Llilas Benson Latin American Studies and Collections Mexico Center, The  Center for International Energy & Environmental Policy (CIEEP), and other University organizations.
Along with President Jay Hartzell´s health conference with groundbreaking COVID-19 and important health cooperation conference;
Jon Wright sharing the Falcons owner Arthur Blank´s awarding Our University with a $20 million dollar grant for a stuttering center,
And Our  Undefeated Ladies Volleyball Champions....
This and Much More News!!
Texas Exes and Friends-- Save The Date to Join Us for Our Texas Exes Toasting on Thursday December 17th at 7 p.m.!
Texas Exes -- Changing The World!
Hook ´em Hugs -- With Happiest Thanksgiving Celebrations Coming Soon!
Thanksgiving facts
Gwen Rianhard
Dearest Texas Exes & Friends--- 
Thank Each of You who joined us to listen to ourJulio Lopezlena,TDER, and good news about plastic!
For those of You who were unable to join us or would like to know more-- Please check the following link--
We Win by Saving The Planet-- 
The other story behind Plastic!
ECOCEis a civil association working to promote a healthy ecology. It is associated with companies that use recycle and promote plastic waste products in Mexico. It recycles 47 percent of packaging. 
It recycles 1,500,000 bottles a day!
Plastic is a marvelous product--as if You do recycle, You don´t pollute the environment, and You help companies produce alternative buisnesses with it!
TDERfacilitates, attends and informs, as well as promoting among people the recycling and utilization of plastic continuously-- in a healthy way.
Recycled Plastics are thoroughly sanitized with the objective of being used for different purposes --
Some of the buisnesses are car parts, toys, synthetic gardening, cushioning, and more!
In Addition, we enjoyed catching up on news, seeing pictures of our October BBQ at Pinche Gringo, 
and avoiding the subject of Elections!
There was exciting football news with Carlos Diaz too, and a healthy financial report from Mark Alexander!
We remembered our upcoming projects with ANCIC, the Associación of Ex-Alums, and the American Society--
This and Much More has Texas Exes Mexico City--CHANGING THE WORLD!!
Get Ready to Join us on Thursday December 17 for a Virtual Christmas Celebration Full of Surprises!!
Huge Hook ´em Hugs--
Gwen Rianhard
Dearest Texas Exes--
What a Time to hear ourTexas Exes Julio Lopezlena,Plastic Innovation and Recycling,
CelebratingOur Terrific BBQwith Mark Alexander;ANCIC and World Stroke Day, where the Texas Exes joined with The American Benevolent Society, The Frank Devlyn International Rotary Club, The International Association of ex Ex Alum, and others, to raise awareness and help fight stroke!Thank You to All who could join us, and we´ll be joining forces soon!
Thank You for Lots of Fun and such a great time..
...with  Mark Alexander
 We All want to give him Special Thanks for Such a Fun time at our Wonderful BBQ at Pinche Gringo!!
IMG 0962 e1495724610794
 It Couldn´t have been better-- except if we Had won the game-- which  we Almost did!
Great Food,Terrific Texas Exes, and Mark´s Funnest Trivia! Looking forward to many more celebrations with More of You!!
With All the Above, and much excitement at These Times--
PleaseJoin Us,This Tuesday, November 10th, at 7 p.m.! (zoom info to be announced soon!)
Hear Our Texas Exes Julio Lopez Lena Thompson share on Such a Critical Subject -- 
----  The Important Needs of Plastic,  Recycling 1,500,000 bottles a day, Helping Save The Planet,
----- and More Critical News About This Essential Product!
Along with being a good personal friend, I love that he comes from Tapachula, and will Surely bring us some Delicious Coffee?
Hook ´em Horns Together--  Changing The World!
Be Sure and Join Us At Such a Time as This!
Gwen Rianhard
Dearest Fellow Longhorns and Associates--
Reminding You Each that This isInternational Health Day, As well asWorld Stroke Day-- Enjoy the information below!

To each of you who attended the following grand event or attempted to, I want to give special thanks! 
But I assure You-- You All need to know!  Soon You will receive a review and recording, 
but Please know You can contact theANCIC at http://www.ancic.org.mx
---- Till Then.. Remember- MOVE!
I wish to Give a Very Special Thanks to Ana Ceci And Sandra Rossellini Ochoa for Such an Enlightening Presentation. 
Please Review the Following Essential Information-- And Join Us to Fight Stroke-


Texas to honor 1970 National Championship with throwback uniform


There´s So Much Exciting News -- with The Texas Exes Mexico City, And Our University!!
--- This Month we are Celebrating "Stomp Out Stroke" with Our Health and Science Center in Houston, and The ANCIC in Mexico City----- 
More News Coming Soon-- Please Texas Exes and Friends-- Join us!
COVID And Stroke Victims are closely related!
--- We Loved Our TEXAS EXES BBQ at Pinche Gringo, we Almost Won, We Played Hard-- Don´t Miss This Saturday against Baylor!
--- There is upcoming news of exciting projects with our new alliance with The Association of International Alums!!
--- Texas Exes Presidential News Coming Soon, And Big Presidential News from D.C.!!
---We Are Planning an Exciting Christmas Party -- To Celebrate All This Years, And Many Accumulated Blessings--
Get Ready for Fun Horn Hookin´!!
...And Catch  up on The Following News Too---
Texas Exes Mexico City-- Changing The World!
Hook ´em Horns -- 
Gwen Rianhard

After Such a Terrific Game, It Is not only O.U. who won, But Texas Exes Mexico City- Watched the Game And Celebrated Sooo many Wins This Years- including a Perfect Time ay Pinche Gringo! 

AND Get Ready for many upcoming Celebrations, with special focus on Stomping Out Stroke This October through Our Universities  Health & Science Center in Houston, & The ANCIC in México City!
Huge Hook 'em Hugs, 
Gwen Rianhard
JOIN US TO BEAT O.U.-- At The Texas Exes BBQ!!
--- Pinche Gringo This Saturday on October 10, 11-4 p.m.!
MAS DETALLES? More info, HERE. Also, HERE!!!

Buy Your Tickets Now!!
We've had Texas Exes Terrific Times-- Despite the Challenges:
-Spectacular Orators  Every Month; A Beautiful Project Worldwide at El Refugio; Dr. Sonia Feigenbaum, Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement & Chief International Officer directed the Journalism in Latin America Zoom; Celebrating Our New Association with Leading International Alumni Organizations And the American Society; Surprising our scholarship winner Gil from Torreon with The Big News!
-& Announcing Our Opportunity to Participate with ANCIC, Our Health & Science Center in Houston, & the Texas Exes Mexico City with the Stomp Out Stroke Objective for October! 
Buy your tickets--  NOW-- or at the Entrance!
WE'RE BEATING O.U. this Saturday!!
Click on the next Link to buy your tickets!
A Texas Exes Terrific Year-- WINNING despite the Times!!
+ Dr. Felipe Ochoa, Leading Ophthalmologist & Counselor to Carlos Slim- Encouraged us with A Proposal for Private Initiative to Boost The Economy through Investment in Infrastructure;
+Dr. Mark Sylte,  Executive Director of The American School Foundation, Enlightened us with Improving Education in Mexico;
+A Beautiful Visit to El Refugio for Project Worldwide to take gifts, a delicious meal, hit piñatas And Play with the orphans;
+Dr. Sonia Feigenbaum, Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement & Chief International Officer,  Directed the zoom Texas
A Texas Exes Terrific Year-- WINNING despite the Times!!
Global Dialogues, Promoting Journalism in Latin America-- with a Terrific Start to Engagement in Mexico;
+Global Engagement is Active in Mexico through American Society,  just as the Texas Exes is now with American Society with our New Alum Alliance;
+Mr. Alvaro Pastor, Global Strategist for several Fortune 500 Corporations-- Rewarded us with Hope-- "Now Where were We?"
+Mr. Ted Estrada, Texas Exes And writer of "Mexica Gold"- Provided Eloquent Historic lesson on the Spaniards' Gold Hunt;
+Our New Association with Leading International Alumni Organizations And the American Society;
+Congratulating our Scholarship Winner Gil from Torreon who is happily studyingEconomics from Home!
+A New Treasure for the Texas Exes Mexico City-- through  Our University, The ANCIC (Asociacion Nacional Contra Infarto Cerebral) which  translates to Spanish the "Stomping out Stroke" 
Program for The Health & Science Center in Houston, Which The Texas Exes will Assist -
October is Stomping Out Stroke Month-- Opportunities to Assist to be Announced Soon-------
Check  us out at:
JOIN US TO BEAT O.U. Too-- At The Texas Exes BBQ!!
----at Pinche Gringo on October 10, 11-4!
Buy Your Tickets Now---I´ve bought 10!!!  Terrific Recuerdos from last Year-- But This Year will be better-- We´ll Win!

Click on the next Link to buy your tickets!
Texas Exes Terrific Year-- despite Tough Times- 
         Dr. Felipe Ochoa, 
         Dr. Mark Sylte,  
          Dr. Sonia Fiegenbaum with Texas Global Dialogues, 
          Mr. Alvaro Pastor,
          Mr. Ted Estrada, 
          The Treasure of  Our University, The ANCIC Stomping out Stroken with The UT Health & Science Center in Houston  
----  Check  us out at:  
We´ll be Beating O.U.!!!
Click on the next Link to buy your tickets!
Eventbrite Link               
Texas Exes Mexico City--  Changing The World!
  Huge Hook ´em Horn Hugs-- 
Gwen Rianhard

                           Buy Your Tickets Now---I´ve bought 5!!!

Click on the next Link to buy your tickets!

A Texas Exes Treasure This Past Tuesday--
You heard The News--   We Learned So Much from OurTexas Exes Ted Estrada--AndMexica Gold!
--- We Learned about the Intriguing History of the Tragic Downfall of the Mexica Empire--
It Was Such A Terrific Treat-  Especially for Texas Exes Mexico City-- And Friends!!  
With a Grandfather who emigrated to Texas, a great interest in history, and his terrific encounter with  recognized Archaeologists Professors at U.T.- Along with His Own Passion for History---- 
Ted ´s Book Will Entice You....
Just imagine Hernan Cortez  arriving with 500 soldiers, and a few horses, while the Mexica Empire awaited Quetzalcoatl´s return, And Spanish King Charles the Ist urgently needed Gold to fight the French!
Texas Exes Mexico City--  And Friends-- we can still visit the "Arbol Triste"--- 
 on Calzada Mexico Tacuba cerca de Mariano Escobedo!
..... In the Meantime--- 
--- Get Ready too for Exciting Football-- which begins This Saturday,
--- Remember that soon You will have news about how to participate in 
            Project Worldwide with the ANCIC (Asociación Nacional Contra Infarto Cerebral), which we have thanks to our University of Texas Health and Science             Center in Houston), Dr. Frank Yatsu- the pioneer of ANCIC, Dr. James Grotta,                 head of Neurological Recovery and Stroke, And So Much More!
The  ANCIC in Mexico translates The Stomp Out Stroke Informant to Spanish             for All Spanish Speakers to be informed-- check this at:
 About Us
--- We Have Our Second Thrilling Reunion to Watch the O.U. game-- But This Time --
--- We´ll Win! Save the Date, Saturday October 10th at Pinche Gringo!
---  and So Much More... Keep up with The News...
Texas Exes Mexico City--  Changing The World!
  Hook ´em Horn Hugs-- 
Gwen Rianhard
   Dearest Texas Exes & Friends: 
Hi There!
Catching You up on some of The Latest News!!
This Tuesday, September 8th, at 7 p.m., hear Ted Estrada-- writer of Mexica Gold!!!
This you can do through the following:
ID: 82055426939
Passcode: 584798
About our speaker...
Having had The Great Honor of hearing Ted at a recent American Benevolent Society Event, a most thrilling time is assured to You Each!
Ted is a mexican author who turns this most complicated time in history into an epic movie on paper! He is able to keep the depth and substance of this historical time while engaging in compelling storytelling
His book, along with strengthening the memories of our studies of these times, enriches us with descriptions of battles, locations, & geography! 
  Texas Exes Mexico City-- Prepare for a True Treasure! 
It is a treat to inform You Too of Our Campus News:
 -- Our class of 2024 hosted our orange and white welcome virtual Scavenger Hunt Every day of Welcome Week! ..
@texasexes asked a question--new students found the answers "hiding" in one of our campus partners´  social media accounts!

The winners received  Prizes--  and were able to start school or get back to school with University of Texas Style! 


What a Terrific Texas Exes Time-- Longhorn Welcome Week was kicked off by welcoming students to the Forty Acres through a series of virtual events!! 
This campus- wide initiative started just prior to the fall semester featuring Signature Events such as Mooov-In, Gone to Texas, Find Your way as well
as dozens of other events hosted by various campus partners....
... All events were created for new students to meet their peers, gain valuable resources, and celebrate UT´s culture and tradition!
Does This bring back any happy "Recuerdos"?
-- Class of 2020 going through This Time with Resilience and Creativity as Our University  gets new students And All hooked In-- 
--------in the new reality for them!
Texas Exes Mexico City-- See You This coming Tuesday September 8th with Ted Estrada-
 -- writer of MEXICA GOLD, 
--- and the Final Battle that destroyed the Mexica Empire, Tenochtitlán, and more!
7 p.m.-- Zoom Info above!!!
All This and So Much More-- Next  Tuesday, September 8th!
Texas Exes Mexico City, Around the World, and Friends-- Keep Up on The News that´s Changing The World! 
Hasta Pronto!
     Huge Hook ´em Horn Hugs--
Gwen Rianhard

Dearest Texas Exes & Friends:
What Gratitude to Our University for Texas Global--- At Such a Moment in History! 
For those of You present-- What a Terrific Texas Exes Time it was! 
However, Before giving our special thanks to Sonia Fiegenbaum, and the spectacular orators,
Be Sure and save This Coming Tuesday August 11th at 7 p.m. in Your Agenda!
We are Sooo honored to haveÁlvaro Pastoras ourupcoming speaker.
As anExtraordinary StrategistwithOutstanding Multinational Experience--  This is a Must for us All to be enlightened At Such A Time as This!
Having worked at severalFortune-500company headquarters, as well as an Advisor to Senior Management along with being a Board member of leading companies, His Imput for us Today is essential. 
Creating brands from scratch, as well as giving a second wind to several others, And bringing several successful ones to record levels of performance. 
We must all hear him This Coming August 11, at 7 p.m.
Along with his Master's degree from the London School of Economics, and a postgraduate degree in Strategy, he also has a Bachelor's degree from Ibero. He has published many articles on strategy, And most recently the book: 
"Eat or be Eaten: Reflections on Brand Strategy". 
Álvaro Pastorwill truly be an Enlightenment and offer a Positive Opportunity for us All at this critical time.
We do want to give special Thanks to Dr. Sonia Fiegenbaum, Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement, and all the
distinguished panelists; for sharing this theme of critical importance today, between Rosental Alves from Brasil, Patricia Campos; Fernando Paulsen, and  Javier Garza.
 Sharing about the reshaping of how we communicate, the escence of disceminating information or misinformation,  the reconing for all countries, this critical moment for distance learning and there invitation to each of us to join them because today all people are news and all people are reporters, to share Javier Garza´s last words--You´re entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts! Because of the economic disaster along with the danger of war which misinformation could lead to--Journalism today is at a critical moment.
The Theme of Journalism in Latin America to Inaugurate Texas Global Dialogues was  Texas Exes Terrific! 
Rosental Alves left us with hope for  optimism declaring that honesty will prevail, as is the sharing of the Washington Post.
As Such----
See You AllThis Tuesday to hear Alvaro Pastor-- 
For Those of You who listend to Alvaro Pastor´s Seminar on Post Milenialism last night-- You´re Assured of-- 
Texas Exes Mexico City-- Living to Change The World
In other news for those of you who know about someone who is of new arrival to Mexico city, or anyone who has to move lately there are this beautiful apartments which provide ideal living conditions for anybody who is looking for lodging, I highly recomend them. Exclusively for your profesional women. It offers post graduate students preferential treatment, I  can assure this is an outstanding living arrangment as I personally visited the site.
Thank you Mario Gonzalez-Roman for sharing this wonderful news with your audience.
 Looking So Forward to Next Tuesday!
Hook ´em Hugs--

Gwen Rianhard





Dearest Texas Exes & Friends ---  
A Most Terrific Upcoming Event-- Save the Date!:
Texas Global Dialogues: Journalism in Latin America
Join the Inaugural Texas Global Dialogues via Zoom
featuring The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas 
Our Distinguished Panel of U.T. Alumni Journalists from the region;
With Dr. Sonia Fiegenbaum,  Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement serving as moderator,
Along with other Distinguished Partners--
Tuesday August 4th,2020,6:00–7:15 PM CDT
RSVP with this link
Texas Exes Mexico City--  We happily shared much of the following news last week, but want to make sure You All hear The News! 
At our first Zoom Reunion, since the Pandemic began, we shared outgoing president Claudio Jimenez who thanks for his time of service and welcomed  interim president Gwen Rianhard. The invitation has been extended to all active Texas Exes to receive this most privileged position which comes with great support from Our University, and our active leadership in Mexico City.  
The inauguration of a New Coalition among Alumni Associations from various outstanding American, English and Mexican University Alumni Associations (See Below), was celebrated with the support of The American Society!  We look greatly forward to Making The Difference Working Together!  Enjoying a delightful wine tasting with Miguel Torres himself was a particular honor! Improving Education And Supporting Mexico at this time will be most Challenging and Rewarding! 
Our soon upcoming Project Worldwide will be full of Support for A.N.C.I.C.  (Asociación Nacional Contra el Infarto Cerebral). This will be a most honorable service due to Our Universities direct involvement with the creation of this association, as well as the discovery of a vaccine cure from U.T.! See the information below! 
Don´t miss our terrific upcoming speaker, Alvaro Pastor, who has worked in central offices of Several Fortune 500 Companies! He will share with us about critical Strategy -- Eat or be Eaten. See You at our Terrific Texas Exes Zoom reunion on August 11th at 7 p.m.!
We also hope to reach out and support the American School Foundation´s providing of dispensas for the neighbors around Observatorio and more. We wish to give special thanks again to Mark Syltee for his most eloquent contribution at our last breakfast before the pandemic.
The Texas exes México City wish to send their greatest condolences to the Devlyn family, for the passing of our Texas Exes Frank Devlyn.
It was an honor to have him as a good personal friend, as well as a fellow Rotarian, and it was to be an upcoming gift that he was to be our speaker at a future breakfast. It was a joy to present a beautiful orchid arrangment prepared and deliverd with Florencia Rodriguez, wife of Texas Exes Luis Carlos.
One last Urgent Message To All Texas Exes and Friends -- From the American Benevolent Society-- and with Special Thanks to our friend Barbara Franco -- Please Use Face Masks! Please listen to the attached video to hear the proof of how Many Lives Are Saved by using one!!
The Texas Exes Mexico City extend our gratitude once again to Mario Gonzalez- Roman for extending All this Terrific News to Texas Exes and friends around the world!
Texas Exes Mexico City--  Changing The World!!
Hasta Pronto, & Hook ´em Horns Together!

Gwen Rianhard








Honoring Teresa Lozano Long


khe hoh teresa long 

November 20, 2019 

Dear Longhorns,

On Thursday, UT Distinguished Alumna Dr. Teresa Lozano Long will receive the prestigious National Humanities Medal from President Donald Trump during a ceremony at the White House. This is a fitting honor for one of the most dedicated philanthropists in our university’s — and state’s — history.  

Terry came from humble beginnings, growing up in the small South Texas town of Premont. With her parents’ encouragement and support, she thrived throughout her academic career — ultimately earning a doctorate in health and physical education at UT. She, along with her husband Joe, has championed generations of UT students — funding numerous scholarships and endowments, including a transformative gift that led to the naming of the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies.


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On June 18, 1885, 

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34 new graduates of the two-year-old University of Texas founded its alumni association. Today, the Texas Exes has more than 106,000 members living all over the world and keeps Longhorns connected to the Forty Acres and each other


Like the state it calls home, The University of Texas at Austin is a bold, ambitious leader. Ranked among the biggest and best research universities in the country, UT Austin is home to more than 51,000 students and 3,000 


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teaching faculty. Together we are working to change the world through groundbreaking research and cutting-edge teaching and learning techniques. Here, tradition and innovation blend seamlessly to provide students with a robust collegiate experience. Amid the backdrop of 


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Austin, Texas, a city recognized for its creative and entrepreneurial spirit, the university provides a place to explore countless opportunities for tomorrow’s artists, scientists, athletes, doctors, entrepreneurs and engineers.


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Texas Exes Mexico City is only one of more than 150 chapters and networks around the world. 


2019 Exes Christmas Party


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Thank You for your support and help during this 2019 and all You do to impact our community! 


What starts here changes the world—and your support helps set that change in motion in Mexico and UT.


 On behalf of the entire Texas Exes Mexico City Chapter, Thank You for ensuring UT will always be a university of the first class.


Please do not miss this chance to reconnect with all your classmates and friends.


December 17, 2019

8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


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Texas Exes Christmas Brindis

Restaurante Campo Marte

entrando hacia el Auditorio Nacional,

con el estacionamiento al Auditorio a tu izquierda,

ir inmediatamente a aprox 200 metros a la derecha en la reja blanca. 

Bosque de Chapultepec I Secc,

Miguel Hidalgo

Ciudad de México, CMX 11100


We were honored to partake in 2019’s Texas Exes Christmas Party thanks to Mr. Claudio Jimenez, President of the Texas EXES, & Executive Consultant; & Ms. Gwen Rianhard, past President, member of the American Benevolent Society & of the International Rotary Club, among other service activities.




Gwen asked us to give a special thanks to Barbara Franco, Executive director of ABS, As well as all leaders of ABS.






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El 18 de junio de 1885, 34 nuevos graduados de la Universidad de Texas -de los dos años previos-  fundaron su asociación de ex alumnos. Hoy, Texas Exes representa a más de 106,000 miembros que viven en todo el mundo y mantiene a los Longhorns (equipo de fútbol Americano) conectados con Forty Acres (extensión territorial de la universidad) y entre ellos.


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Al igual que el nombre del estado al que le llama su hogar, la Universidad de Texas en Austin es una institución académica líder, audaz y ambiciosa. Es considerada entre las mejores y más grandes universidades de investigación de los EUA. UT Austin es el recinto de más de 


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51,000 estudiantes y 3,000 docentes. Juntos trabajan para cambiar el mundo a través de investigaciones innovadoras y técnicas de enseñanza y aprendizaje de vanguardia. En dicha universidad la tradición y la innovación se combinan a la perfección para proporcionar a los estudiantes una sólida experiencia universitaria. En el contexto de Austin, Texas, una ciudad reconocida por su espíritu creativo y emprendedor, la universidad ofrece un lugar inédito para explorar innumerables oportunidades para los artistas, científicos, atletas, médicos, empresarios e ingenieros del mañana.


Los Texas Exes de la Ciudad de México es tan solo uno de los más de 150 grupos de ex alumnos y redes sociales en todo el mundo.





 Fiesta de Navidad Exes 2019


¡A nombre de los Exes de la Ciudad de México, se agradece públicamente el apoyo solidario recibido en 2019 y lo que esto significa como indudable impacto a nuestra comunidad!


Lo que comienza, aquí cambia el mundo. Es el grito de batalla de la Universidad de Texas en Austin. Con el apoyo de la sociedad tratamos de hacer un cambio en beneficio de México y la UT.


A nombre de esta prestigiosa organización agradecemos las garantías que  UT siempre será una universidad de primera clase.


No pierdas esta oportunidad de re-conectarte con todos tus compañeros y amigos con nuestra fiesta de Navidad 2019.


17 de Diciembre de 2019

8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Restaurante Campo Marte

Entrar hacia Auditorio Nacional,

pasando el estacionamiento del Auditorio a tu lado izquierdo,

ir a la derecha inmediatamente después en la reja blanca.

Bosque de Chapultepec I Secc,

Miguel Hidalgo

Ciudad de México, CMX 11100


Fuimos honrados en participar en la Fiesta de Navidad 2019’ de los/las Texas de la Ciudad de México gracias al Sr.  Claudio Jiménez, Presidente de Texas EXES, & Consultor Corporativo. Igualmente, gracias a la Srita. Gwen Rianhard, quien anteriormente fungió como Presidente de los EXES en la CDMX. Gwen es miembro activa de la Sociedad Americana de Benevolencia (ABS). Igualmente, del Club Rotario Internacional, entre otras importantes actividades Comunitarias en la Ciudad de México.




Gwen nos ha solicitado extender un agradecimiento especial, sincero a Barbara Franco, Directora Ejecutiva de la Sociedad Americana de Benevolencia (ABS). Igualmente a su importante, comprometido equipo de trabajo.