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For Obama, a Tough Year To Get The Message Out
Thursday, 07 January 2010 17:14

SecurityCornerMexico.com Recommended VIDEOS: Couple crashes White House Dinner- Illegally Blonde (video) by Examiner.com;  Michael Moore's What a Wonderful World & A Brief History of the USA; READING:  Richard Reid (shoe bomber) & 2006 Transatlantic Aircraft Plot by Wikipedia; America's New Crusade: Imperial U.S. vs Political Islam; The United Nations' Role in Peace and War; America's Nightmare: The Obama Dystopia; Preparing for Civil Unrest in America; The Truth behind 9/11: Who Is Osama Bin Laden? by Global Research, IS AMERICA ..  REALLY SAFE? 

Recommended additional READING: Mexico's Tourism & Consul General Says Travel to Mexico Still Safe, If Precautions Taken


By Dan BalzYemen's Internal Divide Complicates U.S. Efforts Against Al-Qaeda, Analysts Say

Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, January 10, 2010

In winning the White House, Barack Obama's team earned a reputation for skill and discipline in dominating the communications wars with opponents. In office, virtually the same team has struggled, spending much of the past year defending the administration's actions on the two biggest domestic issues -- the economy and health care. More, HERE.

CIA bomber struck just before search

In a videotape released Saturday, the suicide bomber called on Muslims to avenge the death of a Taliban leader.

In a videotape released Saturday, the suicide bomber called on Muslims to avenge the death of a Taliban leader. (Associated Press)  

By R. Jeffrey Smith, Joby Warrick and Ellen Nakashima

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Jordanian had been "heralded as a superstar asset." Until Dec. 30, none of the Americans at the base had laid eyes on him. 

The Jordanian doctor arrived in a red station wagon that came directly from Pakistan and sped through checkpoints at a CIA base in Afghanistan before stopping abruptly at an improvised interrogation center. Outside stood one of the CIA's top experts on al-Qaeda, ready to greet the doctor and hear him describe a way to kill Ayman al-Zawahiri, the organization's No. 2 and a man long at the top of U.S. target lists. More, HERE.

CIA bomber calls for attacks on U.S. in video


What went wrong

Report: Focus was on al-Qaeda plans overseas

Yemen warns of limits to its cooperation

Obama Outlines Intelligence Gaps Found in Probe of Attempted Christmas Day Attack

By Michael A. Fletcher and William Branigin

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, January 7, 2010

President Obama on Thursday accepted personal responsibility for what he called a "systemic failure" by government agencies to detect an attempt to bomb a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day, saying that "the buck stops with me," as he outlined additional measures to improve U.S. intelligence capabilities and enhance aviation security. More, HERE.

When Obama is faced with a problem, what does he do? Review.

Yemen says Nigerian may have met radical cleric

Two defense contractors indicted in shooting of Afghan citizens: Two working for affiliate of Blackwater charged with killing two Afghans, prosecutors say.

Cold grips nation as crash in snowy Ohio kills 4



 Mexico Travel Stories


 Mexico's bone-chilling Mummy Museum

Chart: The five top hotel reviewers and how rankings work

Why the president should hold all the cards

Going Our Way: A relaxing reunion for 10 college friends

Maradona planning TV, Internet channel

Mexican president says crime now 3rd priority

Contractor is U.S. secret agent, Cuban legislator says 

2 men decapitated, 2 women killed on Mexico border

Online status: On the run, having fun : Fugitives taunt their pursuers with online postings

Canada to lend Mexico 5 million swine flu doses

Church says 4 Mexican priests broke celibacy vows

Media killings, deaths hit 132 in 2009, report says

Fugitive caught after killing of Utah deputy

Ayala unharmed after kidnap attempt

Flight turns around when Mexican singer, fan argue

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El Universal has no official political affilation and is the most read newspaper in Mexico. 

Guerra al narco cobra otras 69 vidas

El frío se intensificará en los próximos días, alertan  

Tepito abre una oficina en China

Alza de precios tendrá efecto limitado: Banxico 

VANDALISMO. El secretario del Trabajo, Javier Lozano, exhibió imágenes donde se ve a Fernando Amezcua, secretario del exterior del SME, encabezar actos violentos el pasado 6 de enero | Ver nota

Calderón censura la opacidad en estados

Abrigarse, pide Protección Civil a capitalinos


Foto Luis Cortes: FRÍO REGRESO. Los niños que sí regresaron a las aulas, lo hicieron bien abrigados con bufandas, guantes y hasta gorros. Autoridades reportaron un gran ausentismo en diversos planteles | Ver nota | Fotogalería

Foto Dinorath Mota: BLINDAJE. Unos 300 policías federales resguardan la subestación de Santa Julia, en Pachuca, donde integrantes del SME mantienen un plantón; en el DF, los electricistas marcharon por el Centro Histórico | Ver nota

EU ampliará uso de escáneres corporales

César Duarte buscará gubernatura de Chihuahua

No podemos darnos el lujo de tirar dinero: Cordero

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"El Vicentillo" desnuda al Ejército

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 January 2010 11:32
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