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Starting in 2002 I have voluntarily shared with the International Community my 35 years of experience in Public Safety in Mexico, providing necessary advice for personal protection via SECURITY CORNER, my daily news column, in English.   I am currently seeking for sponsors. We now have the same program in Spanish. It has been a success story, massively promoting the virtues of Crime Prevention among my readers, uniting these with Mexican law-enforcement authorities via constant email communication. A service especially important when members of my audience become involved in circumstances when they seek help. I offer security consultancy services  online at no cost. FYI, I do not own any company, I am not affiliated with any corporate firms, and I do not represent political parties nor any other circles of influence. SecurityCornerMexico.com is a not-for-profit organization. We simply want this world to be a better place to live. If we can help, it is our pleasure.

The purpose of this page is to invite you to explore my professional past. Should my background serve your interests, I am available for part-time, full time employment.

Because of the number of years I served the  State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) as a Foreign Service National, most of the relevant information contained in this Website is result of the experience gained in that organization while I worked for the American Embassy, Mexico City.


  • In 2008 Security Corner in Mexico will be part of ambitious work programs -Diplomados- of several private universities aiming at students in areas such as International Relations, Business, Law and majors fields of study that may deal with Public Safety and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). 
  • From April 2007 and to date the English-Speaking Guide to Living in Mexico has published my articles with the purpose of creating the CULTURE of Prevention at www.insidemex.com.
  • www.homesliving.com is a free magazine distributed in Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Los Cabos in 5-star hotels with the purpose of promoting business, investments in real estate. SecurityCornerMexico.com articles are regularly published.  
  • Twice in 2007 received ample coverage in Reforma newspaper, Business Section in Mexico City. To date it is recommended by the Washington Post, Travel Section, International Destinations. Also, input by SecurityCornerMexico.com is found in Los Angeles Times, Travel Mexico and Canada's National Post.
  • We are also recommended by more than 20 prestigious international organizations as a Reliable Resource for Expats living or visiting Mexico. 
  • I am the Honorary Security Director and Columnist for the most complete Web-based information resource for expatriate foreign nationals in Mexico: www.solutionsabroad.com. Also, a Seminar Instructor on Public Safety in Mexico.
  • Effective in August 2006, active member of the Washington, D. C. Round Table Group.
  • Member of the prestigious Security Experts Council, New York-based Gerson Lehrman Group
  • I am available to serve privately as an independent Security Consultant, arranging protection for visiting High-Risk CEOs, businessmen and women, in coordination with Mexico City’s Metropolitan Police (PBIDF), in accordance to existing legal framework.
  • I served as UNSECOORD’s Field Security Assistant in Mexico, under the auspices of the United Nations Development Program.
  • I retired from the American Embassy on August 10, 2001 after 28 years of continued service, authorized by Mexican Congress.
  • I received 4 Meritorious Honor Awards from the U. S. Government during my tenure at the Embassy for having served the best interests of Mexico and the United States of America.

Security Corner

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My monthly column represents a 100 % voluntary Community Service. In order to be able to punctually provide information required by our audience, a vast number of expenses are incurred daily. These include but are not limited to purchase of ink, paper, computers, printers, fax, phone, administrative functions, travel to promote its use, etc. Thanks to indemnity money I received when the U. S. Embassy abolished my position as result of State Department’s budget reduction program, Security Corner was created. I do not receive one cent from anybody – readers and those interested get this service free of charge, while we are able to last in this manner. 

Partial Answer to Mexico’s Public Safety Problems

I believe that the answer to Mexico’s Public Safety problems lies in the creation of responsible, professionally sound programs in Crime Prevention. These must take into consideration the Global context. Poverty, lack of employment opportunities and other serious problems are not resolved by increasing the number of policemen, incarcerating an ever increasing number of criminals, or repressing those who demand better living conditions. Good and bad government officials exist in every society. Travel warnings rather than provide a solid information resource, create panic and fear in everyone. Investors see Mexico as a potential  mecca for business because of its benign weather, political stability, upcoming flood of Baby Bommers retiring & because of its unique geographical position in North America, these open new businesses, creating new jobs, in this manner reducing .illegal immigration, contributing to reduce street crime, Tourists every year flood Mexico’s international resorts, because this is a favorite destination point, free from terrorist activity. Many corporate executives visit Mexico regularly. Others reside here with their families, have chosen Mexico as their new home. Despite being described as a country plagued by violence, corruption, criminal activity, we have an ever growing International Community, comprised mostly by North Americans.An ever increasing English-speaking community demands reliable information and believe in taking necessary preventative steps to reduce risks. Crime prevention is the practical solution to our Public Safety problems today. In this column, readers learn the Know How. Security Corner is one of the answers to establishing trust badly needed by police authorities in Mexico. Should every city, municipality, state have their own version of these articles, adapted to the local reality of each community, crime will decrease. In the meantime, economists, sociologists, business men and women, policy makers establish new goals in society for long-term development and prosperity. International publications, travel guides in German and other languages, routinely make Security Corner part of their recommendations to visitors or members of their communities.

I was able to start this project thanks to Agustín Barrios Gómez and Alan Skinner, Chairman and Director General of Solutions Abroad, the most complete Web-based information resource for expatriates in Mexico. Both are Mexican citizens.

Consultancy Services and Employment Availability

While I keep myself busy with community projects, where monetary income is non existent, I make myself available as a Security Consultant at reasonable & internationally competitive rates, depending on the nature of the assignment. This may include driving your vehicle anywhere in the Republic of Mexico to and from the U. S. border, among other services. I have an American visa, valid until the year 2011. If necessary, I could meet you on the United States side. Also, I would be glad to arrange and supervise executive protection via Mexican Government police agencies, who are authorized to do so privately. If part-time or full employment is an option, I am also available.

Contact Information:

Should you desire to establish contact with me, please take note of the following information:

Tel. No.: (55) 5574-5228 with 24-hour recorder message & fax

(note: if calling from the U. S., first dial digits 011-52-55)

Cell No.: (55) 5436-5137 (local callers first add 044)

EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anecdote: The frog part that identifies my email address has a very interesting story behind it, which has to do with my professional background and tragedies which served to strengthen my endurance. The Chinese use this animal as a symbol of happiness and Good Wishes, and I have adopted this as my own.

Current Projects:

In August of 2001, I began a long-term, ambitious project, writing a book entitled Memoirs. I am glad to inform you that it is now complete with almost 300 pages and I am looking for editorial firms that would be interested in the topic of the unique world of Law Enforcement co-operation between the Governments of Mexico and the United States. Covers the period of 1973 to date. Honesty and truthfulness was my goal. I have faith that this is something worthwhile for all the effort and time it required.

My Credentials

Attached, I include documentary evidence of my 28-years employment history which reflects continuity, balance and unquestionable loyalty to the same employer from 1973 to 2001: The Embassy of the United States of America in Mexico. My last position was FSN Senior Advisor for Security. Also included, is a photo gallery I am very proud of, with Presidents of the U. S. and members of their Cabinet during their visits to Mexico.

Community Service

Prompted by the massive demonstration held in Mexico City on June 27, 2004 to protest the wave of crime, as convoked by civil organizations, I began providing free Security Awareness Seminars to various organizations, upon request. I believe that instead of finger-pointing and criticizing government officials of Mexico in their enormous responsibility -both at the federal and local levels- we all may contribute in one way or the other to assist in this monumental task. Members of the international community who live in Mexico City also agree with this approach.

Ample Evidence of active Community participation and Service is provided in this section:

  • On April 28, 2006 I was issued a Certificate of Recognition by Federal Deputies Jorge Uscanga Escobar and Lizbeth Rosas Montero, who are President and Secretary of National Public Safety. This was awarded for my participation in the National Forum on ”Citizen’s Social Crime Prevention” by the LIX Legislature, Mexican Congress at the San Lázaro Legislative Palace.
  • Police Chief A. Joel Ortega Cuevas issued a Certificate for my attendance during the International Forum on a Safe Environment in the Community organized by Mexico City Mayor on May 27, 28 & 29, 2006 and held in the downtown Sheraton Hotel
  • On behalf of the Mexico City Tourism Institute Carlos Mackinlay, Esq. issued a letter praising “ Security Corner”, as a practical information resource in Crime Prevention. 

The following International Organizations and Associations issued Certificates of Appreciation for Crime Prevention Seminars. In most of these presentations, I was supported by the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública del Distrito Federal (PBIDF, Mexico City PD) :

  • Mexico City Rotary Club International: From August to December 2004 SECURITY CORNER was made part of the Rotary Club’s Magazine, which has national distribution in Mexico and countries in Central America. It was my voluntary contribution to Rotarians, who number about 30,000 in this area of the world. I was honored by this opportunity because normally Rotarians require payment for membership in order to write for their magazine and I am not affiliated. Part of same program included Crime Prevention Seminars at their Zona Rosa (Pink Zone) and Contreras Districts.
  • The American Legion: founded on March 15,1920 with numerous altruistic programs in the community. Please also refer to the Media Section for article covering this Seminar.
  • The American Society of Mexico, founded on August 26, 1942 to foster friendliness between Mexico and the United States.
  • WESTHILL Institute, a Global Education close to home.
  • Mexico City Hotels Association
  • Mexican Banking Commission.


On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for their support to the following U. S. Government representatives who have served as an inspiration to me during my career:

Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow; Ambassador James Jones; and Mr. Kenneth Sykes, former Supervisory Regional Security Officer, U. S. Embassy in Mexico, who retired from Foreign Service in December 2005.

My Special Appreciation goes to General José Armando Tamayo Casillas, formerly in Charge of the Estado Mayor Presidencial (EMP). Also, to the following officers: Gen. Roberto Miranda Sánchez, former Chief; and Admiral José Luis Figueroa Cuevas, who served same organization for many years, for their support in the past. This highly respected, historic organization has its origins in 1824, having served General Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico’s first President. It has the purpose of protecting and supporting our sitting President much like the Secret Service does in the United States. The EMP’s responsibilities extend to the First Family, visiting Chiefs of State, and foreign dignitaries.

Contents of this Site

I invite you now to explore the rest of this Website. Click on each reduced document and photograph to view them. Then click on window (upper, right corner) to enlarge and X to exit document. 

 Please open the pages in this order:

  • DAVIDOW GRACIAS: Copy of a letter written to me by Mr. Jeffrey Davidow, former Ambassador of the United States of America to Mexico. If I may, congrats! to Mr. Davidow on the success of his book The Bear and the Porcupine, a source of useful information for anybody seriously interested in the well-being of both of our countries. This page also contains a message by Mr. Davidow dated September 26, 2001, in reference to the terrorist attacks in New York and my offer of assistance. Current world events prompted me to include a photo with Mr. John D. Negroponte, taken at the time he was Ambassador to Mexico. In addition, a Happy New Year message from President Vicente Fox.
  • PERFORMANCE REPORT: Copy of an official U. S. Embassy document prepared by my last supervisor, Mr. Kenneth Sykes, Special Agent in Charge, Diplomatic Security Service in Mexico, for the attention of the Embassy Personnel Office.
  • PRESIDENTIAL VISITS: An attractive gallery of photographs with American Presidents and members of their Cabinet and letters of gratitude presented to me on occasion of their visits to Mexico. I thank the U. S. Secret Service agents who -over the years- allowed me to share many professional experiences, challenges, in Mexico, through the RSO.
  • AWARDS: U. S. Government appraisals issued in the course of my career at the American Embassy in Mexico.
  • TRAINING: Certificates of completion of job-related training received, including one received on October 5, 2005 for a 2-day ,10 hour Seminar on the latest available information on Terrorism, with the support by the Mexican Federal Preventative Police (PFP)’s Commissioner Carlos Ascencio López.
  • 2004, 2005 & 2006: COMMUNITY SERVICE
  • MEDIA: On August 4, 2005 The World Tonight's news commentator Wayne Nelson interviewed me, live, for about 30 minutes on the topic of Kidnappings in Mexico. Mr. Nelson is with Canadian radio station 770CHQR at Calgary, Alberta. In addition, columnist Therese Margolis of The Herald MEXICO Edition published a brief, well documented article on April 20, 2005 about my voluntary work with the Mexico City Police Department. More references about Media, including the December 31, 2006 article by the Washignton Post, HERE. 

 Thank you for your visit.  

Mario González-Román 

Editor: Scott Watson, Communications Officer, Canada